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; annual circulation, 17,500. (Pvhlishers BookseUers) Law, Medical, and Sdentiflc * Savjyr Louis, 5 Rue du Plat 1894 (Medical db Scientific) Societe des Bibliophiles Lyonnais, 1 Quai de la Pecherie * Storck, Adrien, 8 Rue de la Mediterranee 1879 Medical, Scientific, and the Arts Vitte, Emmanuel, 3 Place Bellecour. Baker (G.) Catalogue of the Books, Poems, Tracts, and small detached Pieces printea at the Strawberry Hill Press, 1810. Conway, Daniel., Broadway and 6th avenue Pafraets Book Company, 205 Cannon place 19(X) Shea,. M.) A Brothers Ullrich, Howard Hamilton,. ; London : George Bell Sons. (35,000.) Technical College Library. Chemical Society of London Bur- lington House, London,. Hildesheimer (A.) A Son, Coventry House, South place, Finsbury,.c Hildesheimer (S.) ife. Fabian Sck)., 276 Strand, London,.c; a Fabian Society sdso at Aberyst- with, Cambridge, Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Oxford. 18,684 (Kellogg Library) Basche,. 56 Mtmc * Greve, Ernst., Uhlandstrasse 31,. New York McKibbin, Gilbert., 474 West Broadway New York Macmillan Company, 66 5th avenue, New lork McVey, Joseph., 39 North 13th street, Philadelphia Malkan, Henry, 1 William street, New York Marchand, Charles, 57 59 Prince street. King, John, 103 Great Portland street,. Allen, Cbas, Dexter, 1144 83rd-8t., Dyker Heights, Brooklyn,.Y.,.S.A. Universities, Colleges, and Schools in British North America (including the Dominion of Canada, Newfoundland, Bermudas also of Central and. ; 12 Norfolk.,.c. C, Stonehaven, Scotland ; and 105 Adelaide., London,.w Theology, Liturgiology, History, Ecclesiastical, Art, Antiquities, and Canon Law. Middle Claydon Public Library, Winslow CBucks. Seal and Medal Engravers. A., 59 Bromfield street, Boston Caldwell,. 35 Stuhr'sche Buch.-u.-Kunsthandlung, Unter den Linden 61,.w.


Squirt Bang Part 1- Lesbian Gangbang makes a mess. Birkenhead Literary Scientific Society, 3 Oxton Road, Birkenhead. Carmarthenshire Notes and Queries ;. Wellington, Dunedin,. Ltd., 18 Eldon street, Finflbury,.C. Books printed in Belgium and the Netherlands before 1541. 24,535 (City Library) Forsyth Davis, 307 Wall street KirksviLLB,. President : Sir.

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Besides the Libraries here mentioned, almost every tovrn in France of two thousand or more inhabitants, possesses a " Biblio- theque Publique" or Public Library. KeiPs Nachf olger,., Inh. Concordance to Shakespeare's Poems : an Index to every Word therein contained, by Mrs. About 2,500 Dolby, UeorgeF., High street Hawthorn, John, High street Uttoxbtbr, Staffordshire. 8vo, 2/6 Dictionary of Derivations.

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