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l'Alliance des civilisations, a pour sa part précisé dans un discours clôture que le prochain forum se tiendrait à Istanbul. Après Israël, la Cisjordanie, le Koweït, Bahreïn, les Emirats arabes unis et l'Arabie saoudite,. Recalling that a newsweekly had uncovered generals' plans to overthrow the Justice and Development Party (AKP) government in 2004, most pessimists say there are still groups in the military who are pursuing coup d'état ambitions. We strongly urge the Turkish to authorities to drop all the charges against Kart and Temocin." (IPI/ifex, January 25, 2008) Commemoration of Journalist Mumcu, Killed 15 Years Ago It has been 15 years since Cumhuriyet journalist Ugur Mumcu was murdered. Kaplan spoke about the dismissal of the Mayor of Sur, a province in Diyarbakr, for using Kurdish in official correspondence. The Ankara Chief Public Prosecution is preparing a report in order to lift Türk's parliamentarian immunity for something Ahmet Türk said to the press. Bush pour son aide dans la lutte contre les séparatistes kurdes du PKK (Parti des travailleurs du Kurdistan) dans le nord du Kurdistan irakien. In the speeches I made in the demonstrations, panel and conferences, the published articles I wrote, I collided with either love or leave the country  applications, the militarist aggressiveness that nourishes this and I didnt hesitate to stand against these. In that case the echr found that the fining and imprisonment of journalist Koray Düzgören for distributing similar leaflets outside Ankara State Security Court violated articles 6 and 10 of the Convention. He said, 'It has become clear who is really being separatist, a word which they use continuously. "Il y a eu erreur d'appréciation" sur la situation de cette dame, a-t-on indiqué au ministère. The suspects detained in Tuesday's operation included Veli küçük, a retired major general who is also the alleged founder of an illegal intelligence unit in the gendarmerie, jitem, the existence of which is denied by officials; controversial ultranationalist lawyer Kemal Kerincsiz, who filed countless suits.

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Abcoeur irlandais jura bernois "Il y a l'idée d'une telle rencontre, qui va probablement avoir lieu dans la première moitié de l'année, a déclaré cette source à l'AFP. Military force and prohibition of political actions will cause social problems which will complicate the solution of the question for years and cause hatred between Kurdish and Turkish peoples which will take a long time to overcome. I am a Turkish citizen.
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The number of people in custody on suspicion of having links to the gang is said to have surpassed 50 with the recent detentions, sources say. The Observatory, a fidh and omct venture, is dedicated to the protection of Human Rights Defenders and aims to offer them concrete support in their time of need. Kücük pulling the strings? The ruling party's landslide victory resurrected Gul's presidential bid and Parliament voted him into the post in August. 19 articles de Hrant Dink seront lus par 19 artistes et intellectuels, le chiffre 19 symbolisant la date du meurtre, le 19 janvier. "La Turquie a aussi mis deux ans pour réagir à des allégations de paiements illicites au gouvernement irakien par 139 sociétés turques dans le cadre du Programme pétrole contre nourriture des Nations Unies poursuit le communiqué. 'Si la Turquie honore ses engagements démocratiques, l'UE devra aussi tenir ses promesses en ce qui concerne l'adhésion de la Turquie à l'Union.' Le Président de l'apce a invité la Turquie à utiliser pleinement les possibilités que lui offrent le Conseil de l'Europe et ses. Le montant des échanges bilatéraux est passé de 870 millions de dollars en 2000 (590 millions d'euros) à 2,84 milliards de dollars (1,93 milliards d'euros) en 2007, dont 2,04 milliards de dollars (1,39 milliard d'euros) d'exportations turques vers la Grèce, selon les statistiques officielles turques. «Nous ne savons pas si ils lui ont demandé». Mais les conditions dexistence difficiles et les risques de condamnation en Turquie contraignent Ismail à chercher un travail et une vie plus paisible à létranger. Involvement in site de rencontre webmaster innisfil case against Turkish Protestants Erenerol tried to become a co-plaintiff in a trial against Hakan Tastan and Turan Topal, both accused of Protestant missionary work and charged with denigrating Turkishness, inciting to hatred and hostility and collecting data in an illegal manner. The report prepared by the commission was submitted and approved by the government formed by the coup leaders. Aux termes d'un accord que les deux pays voisins ont conclu en 1987, la Turquie accepte de laisser s'écouler une moyenne annuelle de 500 m3 par seconde/par jour des eaux de l'Euphrate vers la Syrie. There should be no more odes to being killed and killing in this country. Assassinations, bombings and attacks against Christians The group is also suspected of involvement in the murder of journalist Hrant Dink in January of last year, a shooting at the Council of State in 2006 that left a senior judge dead, a hand grenade attack. The Istanbul police force in general is accused of not carrying out necessary investigations or providing precautionary protection despite being warned about the planned murder. Et cette année, l'heureux élu est un film germano-turque, "De l'autre côté du cinéaste Fatih Akin, déjà récompensé à Cannes par le Prix du Scénario. The wealthy, rich Kurds who are part of the system are then, willingly or not, pulled towards the US-Turkey axis. He said agreement had been reached with Greece to make up for the cut in their supplies in coming days. Il "défie les Nations unies et déstabilise la région" par ses activités nucléaires, a-t-il accusé. (AFP, ) L'Iran réduit fortement ses exportations de gaz vers la Turquie L'Iran a fortement réduit ses exportations de gaz vers la Turquie à cause d'une hausse de la consommation intérieure due à une vague de froid et de l'arrêt des livraisons du gaz. When he was first charged under Article 301 for "insulting Turkishness I asked whether it would help if I wrote a letter or spoke publicly. La rencontre doit avoir lieu au cours du premier semestre 2008, a indiqué une source diplomatique à l'ambassade d'Allemagne. La seule et commune revendication des sans papiers est : «le droit de séjours sans préalables pour tous» Nous en tant que Collectif des Opprimés Immigrés (COI) (Ezilen Göçmenler Kolektifi - EGK) qui est la voix organisée des immigrés de Turquie et du Kurdistan. Moreover a case was filed against Bal with the charge of perjury under TPC 272. Ces poursuites fragilisent Lambdaistanbul et entravent ses activités de défense des droits des personnes lgbti, d'organisation de la marche des visibilité d'Istanbul, de support auprès des personnes lgbti isolées et de prévention sida/Infections Sexuellement Transmissible. On, he was murdered by a nationalist young man. Un précédent recensement avait établi en 2000 la population à 67,8 millions. La Turquie jouissant dans le monde dune totale impunité, malgré les promesses de puissances vainqueur de la première guerre mondiale, il était peu probable que la situation de cette fragile minorité saméliorât un jour. The detained persons underwent a medical check-up and were then taken to the Anti-Terrorism Branch for questioning. It found therefore that the applicant's conviction and sentence were disproportionate and not necessary in a democratic society. Son extradition vers la Turquie fut finalement refusée. 22 people, including DTP's Sirnak chairperson and his daughter, a journalist of Gündem Newspaper, members of municipality council and workers of municipality, were detained in Sirnak and its districts in synchronized operations on charges of "helping and harbouring a terror organization" on 7 January. He was still being treated, but Aslan said that his clients head was still bleeding at their last meeting on Sunday (6 January). We see this underhanded attempt as very atrocious. People who express their opinions still face the threat of imprisonment. "L'objectif est de favoriser l'entente culturelle et inter-religieuse, la connaissance mutuelle (.) pour favoriser une culture de paix à l'échelle globale a indiqué vendredi la numéro deux du gouvernement espagnol, Maria Teresa Fernandez de la Vega. The names of those who were arrested: Ugur Eyilik, Berna Yilmaz, Onur Yildirim, Bahtiyar Bodur, Celal Elmaci. Last year, Turkey had to pay 221,128 Euros in 45 cases.

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