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the ways in which we perceive the world and process our experience. I teach in a school of Transactional Analysis in the organizational field. Patrizia has a private practice as psychotherapist and counselor in Apulia, where she lives. Feel free to contact the members on the list if you are looking for TA training. All of this work draws on experience and theory of Transactional Analysis. Peano Roma Roma 00139 Jamaica TA Certification(s ptsta (P) Moniek Thunnissen nvta Since more than 30 years I find TA very helpful in my work as a psychiatrist-psychotherapist, to help people to understand themselves and the world around them.

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My motto is: in order to understand what TA is all about, you have to experience what it does to you. I have had my own private practice for adult clients and teenagers for last seven years. These workshops can be booked individually or together, the 101 first followed by The Key to workshop. I co-work with TA school in France Email: Web Phone: Address:. Christian Küster dgta Email: Web. I now have time to travel more and meet new people. I Chair (facilitate) a closed group of business owners and CEOs with TEC Canada (Vistage International) to help them grow themselves and their business. I appreciate a lot to favor the multicultural meetings. Currently based in the UK, but from summer, 2014, I will relocate to Vienna in Austria, to open the European hub of The Mind Institute, a centre for clinical excellence in the field of psychotherapy, research, training and supervision; offering TA trainings in English and. So Im specialized concerning system of organisations and the relationship in companies.

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Organisational: Shirley is a human resource organisational consultant with experience across many business sectors. Beside, I also teach mental training (Heidelberger Kompetenz Training for mental strength HKT) and I am a passionate teacher for survival and bushcraft. I started first TA ongoing training programs in Ukraine and Armenia and can teach whatever topic of the training program aimed at TA certification in psychotherapy. 25 years ago I changed my career from social worker to trainer. Grown mainly in the "Bottega.T." by Carlo Moiso. I enjoy teaching, knowing new people of different culture: I always learn something new when I teach. My focuses in the development of professionals are applying TA in and for organisational work and the integration of TA with other approaches. I can teach in German and English.

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I deliver trainings with bits of thorough TA-theory and coquinedrome free fr richterswil many experiental excercises. I am the author of many TA books and articles see www. My main areas of training interest are our relationship with the natural environment and its role in psychotherapy; working with live embodied script process; relational perspectives; group process; and development of professional identity. I was thunder struck about the new perspectives and capabilities that TA introduced. We have basically zero experience fishing and we just wanted to give our son the chance to catch a fish. Is a psychologist and psychotherapist, began his career with the psicosociologicol model during a training course at the APS in Milan. Email: Web m Phone: Address: 66 rue de l'ancienne mairie boulogne billancourt 92100 France TA Certification(s ptsta (O) Adrienne Lee ukata I am Co-Director of The Berne Institute in the UK and can teach most topics for CTA and tsta certification. I love it to make TA practical with the integration of the Enneagram, Family Constellations, NLP and bodywork. Email: Phone: Address: via. We went to a trout farm run by a local family on the island and had a wonderful time. So useful in interactions for mediators and facilitators that often deal with many people in the room at one time. Therefore my TA training program focuses on self experience with TA and pragmatic application of the concepts as well as customized design of organizational development activities. She is the delagate of eata in EAP European association for psychotherapy. Email: Phone: Address: More House 13 Warwicks Bench Guildford, Surrey GU1 3SZ United Kingdom TA Certification(s tsta Other Certification(s PhD Psychology, MSc Psychotherapy Julie Anne Hewson ukata I am a creative and engaging trainer and have taught in Italy, Switzerland the Netherlands Eire and Prague. My favourite teaching is in the fields where I have more experience as psychotherapist, teacher and trainer: diagnosis and psychotherapy of eating disorders, the termination of psychotherapy, TA 101, games and rackets Email: Phone: Address: Via. MI sono specializzata IN psicoterapia clinica allsspc-ifrep DI cagliari NEL 2004 E HO fatto IL TEW NEL 2009. Living in the east of Bavaria I do trainings with TA trainees all over Germany and also in other European Countries. Airbnb and, homeAway in this area. I teach soft (!) skills, identifying the possible insertion points for organizational change and development. Golf in Cape Breton Nova Scotia: Obviously, this activity is less kid-friendly, unless you have older kids who like to golf! I work as supervisor Italy and abroad in SAT programs. The subject is Psychologic Clinic I like a lot to teach metodology because Im able in doing pratcice and good esample in order to pass difficult concepts in simple way Email: Phone: Address: via Saluzzo 15 Torino Italy TA Certification(s ptsta Walter Allinger dgta Email. I have been the chairperson of the eata COC and ptsc, and Im the actual president of eata. Liselotte Fassbind-Kech sgta For ten years I was one of three co-leaders of the Eric Berne Institut in Zürich Actually I work in my counselling studio I am enthusiast about: Ressources in the field of councelling Using body answers in counselling konzeptualise processes between counsellour. (Mo) Felton I have over fifteen years experience of teaching TA Psychotherapy, initially as a co trainer with Tony Tilney (tsta(P and later as a year tutor at Manchester Institute with Bob Cooke. Email: Web Phone: Address: Rodnikovaya.

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