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because I restarted the database anyway. For this I defined the following steps: Create a report of your audit trail (optional) Export your audit trail information for longterm archiving (optional) Set the archive timestamp as soon as audit data has been archived Purge archived audit data I the current example Ill. Begin dbms_eate_JOB ( job_name   job_type   'plsql_block job_action 'begin sysdate-10 END start_date sysdate, repeat_interval 'freqhourly;interval24 enabled      true, comments   'Create an archive timestamp' END; / Create daily purge job begin dbms_audit_eate_purge_JOB( audit_trail_type dbms_audit_DIT_trail_AUD_STD, audit_trail_purge_interval 24 hours audit_trail_purge_name     'Daily_Audit_Purge_Job USE_last_arch_timestamp  . Now lets enable audit for certain system privilege and objects. Online inschrijvingen vanaf 20:00 80 0/80 35,00 ma vr, paassportkamp Kuikentje Piep, leeftijdscategorie 14-13, sporthal Temsica. trail ch temse

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There are several reason to enable database audit and at least as much reason to not enable database audit. DB audit clean batch size standard audit trail col segment_name FOR a10, select from dba_segments where segment_name 'AUD owner segment_NA tablespace_name, sYS AUD       audit_data. Manage Audit Trails with dbms_audit_mgmt, enable Audit, ok, first of all we have to set the corresponding init. Ora parameter and enable the database audit. Where audit_trail 'standard audit trail parameter_name parameter_value audit_trail, default clean UP interval standard audit trail. The plan is to have regular database job, which purge the audit data as required. This script is used in 11g to enable audit during database creation. TUE, SEP 5, 2017 1 person went m, see All, see More.

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